Java Projects


Currently on its third major version, ZogBot is a java IRC bot based on the pircbot API by Paul Mutton.

ZogBot's functionality is externalized to compiled 'modules', which can be dynamically loaded at runtime to stop the inconvenience of having to restart the bot for every change. Creating a module is simply a case of extending the Module class, or a subclass of Module (for differing precedence etc.), and overriding the appropriate methods. The module can then be loaded by anyone with a high enough level. Modules can be loaded from either the same computer as the bot, or a remote url.

Source: not currently available. I anticipate closed access to SVN in the near future.

Release: not currently available.

Worm in Trouble: Cliché Escape

My first real venture into java, created in mid-2004. An applet based on the game commonly known as Snake. There are highscores, however you must be a member of BlameThePixel to appear on them.

To combat cheating, I also wrote a simple algorithm to encode the scores to be sent by the applet.

Source: not available