Welcome to Zogger.co.uk. It's a pretty random site, generally based around... me (hence the domain name).


Any ideas what to add? ;)

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Well I added some little people down the bottom that I actually put there ages ago locally, but never uploaded - And I should really stop calling this a blog. Well I guess the question mark is there for a reason.

and yes, the site continues to grow in pointlessness daily.

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Aren't I active? I would add some more pictures if I could be bothered to plug my computer in and go and transfer them onto this one, but that's a lot of effort. Still, added just a couple that I have lying around anyway.

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Heh, I hate to make this seem like a news section, but I added the pictures section now. It has a limited number of pictures (cause I can't be bothered to upload the rest right now, really), and none of them are of me. Still you can add comments and stuff. I'll upload the rest eventually, it's just too long winded without direct ftp access.
Tis' all

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Erm... Hello?

Yes, well this is the first post on my test-upping of the new zogger.co.uk. Not that the old one was zogger.co.uk for a particularly long amount of time. I don't really have a lot to say but I would like to fill it up a bit just for the sake of showing what it actually looks like with a serious post in. I'm not really sure how many serious posts I'll be making, probably something in the low numbers at least.

Soo... not much working ATM, just the blog bit, including the comments (which are kinda threaded). The main problem with the comments is that they go of the side on a smaller res (or even a bigger one) if enough people keep replying to comments. Anyway apart from that I was quite proud of the little user / comment system I got. Note that whenever you post a comment with a new username it will sign you up with that username (the only way to sign up in-fact, seeing as that's probably the only thing it'll ever be used for). There isn't actually a page to logout with atm, so you'll just have to delete yer cookies yourself. :P

On the subject of cookies, I still don't have my cookie from squelchy. hmmm. And I'm going home for the weekend, so if it should happen to arrive tomorrow, I won't get it till sunday. Otherwise I won't get it till monday anyway. :S. Not looking good for the life of it. Still I think they can last a while. ;)

Anyway, I think I've said enough now for a good little demonstration, at least.

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